Monday, March 12, 2007

Why do Monday plans rarely work out?

What IS it about Mondays????

My plans totally fell through. Couldn't do the morning meeting--only dd to meet with. The two oldest didn't get home until about 11pm last night and slept in this morning, showing up just before lunch. That also means that the 15yo, who did manage to do a chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird with me and start some science, but she found herself falling asleep! She's now napping. Her brother is tired and has a new cold AND ear infections (can barely hear me when I ask him things)... Dd is tired and grumpy about school stuff and ds is a crab. I expected these last two, but my plans totally fell through! I wasn't prepared to have just dd and ds this morning.

But now I wonder what the 15yo is going to do about all her work. She's aware that she's got a LOT to do. But she's so tired and worn down. I should know better than to fret about all of this--past experience has told me that when I focus on prayer and letting go, everything falls into place just wonderfully. Time for me to do that. (Well, not RIGHT this instant. lol)


Jane said...

Could you take an early Spring break? Let the children recover thoroughly from lack of sleep and illness and everything and do fun things for a few days and start again on Monday next week?

Daisy said...

I could if I just had my kids. But I can't because the two oldest have other plans during spring break (diving camp and another meet). Besides, dh has spring break and I always take spring break off during that week so it's not so crazy around here.