Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where the heck do people get their ideas from???

I was on a web board today where some people had written some negative things about homeschooling. Comments were things such as it was better to have your first experience being bullied when you were a child instead of when you're an adult or it was better to learn to deal with people pressuring you when you're a kid instead of when you're an adult.

Who says?

What sort of psychological mumbo jumbo is that?

Kids don't have the reasoning powers adults do. How are they better prepared to deal with this all as children? They are far more likely to be negatively affected by it all. If you've never been bullied before and you've grown up to be a fairly self-confident adult, the first time somebody tries to say some nasty comment to you, you'll look at them like they're nuts, not take it personally the way kids would.

Having undergone some form of abuse as a child actually makes you LESS likely to stand up to abuse as an adult. Where they heck do people get their crazy ideas from?!

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montessori_lori said...

I totally agree, Daisy! I think at the back of comments like these is fear - people are afraid that someone else's way of raising their kids is better than the "standard" way.

Implicit in that is the admission that the way *you* were raised might not have been the best. Some people just can't face up to that.