Sunday, March 11, 2007

omg I'm tired

If it had been any other day, I would have let myself sleep longer. But looking at the clock, the "new" time was 6:30. I knew my mind would never let me sleep longer. Besides, even if I sleep past 5:30 tomorrow, dh's alarm will be going off at 6. I don't have the ability to fall asleep for 7 or 9 minutes at a time (snooze button). lol. So I figured I might as well start training myself.

The kids' alarm is set for 7am. I'm cruel, aren't I? lol. But it'll help with tomorrow. I realized, too, that my original thinking to work first thing with my kids might not work out for a little bit as I suspect even my ds will be tired this week. Dd's going to have a rough go of it: she has been sleeping until 7 and often past lately. As I finish up my planning for this week, I really have to keep in mind that the kids are probably going to be tired and slow. And resistant. I wonder how kids at Montessori elemenatries and plus or at Sudbury Valley are after a time change?

Just some rambling to get out of my head these random thoughts that keep popping up:

Tuesday: library--the 12yo can find some books on chemistry and science experiments for us to use for the next little while (I should probably check today in the online catalogue to see if I can find some French stuff and have it sent over to a nearer library).

Wednesday: French club get-together

Thursday afternoon: lady from Sears to look at blinds

Friday: St. Patrick's Day party and I have my nephew that day

General thoughts: keep going through Edison book with 12yo.

Okay, those thoughts didn't go far. lol.

For today:
-finish up the 15yo's math worksheets, plus do answer sheets
-read through the sections she'll be doing in her science text
-read through the next few chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird
-finish French phonics/spelling prep
-really plan everything out (some things have become routine, like his phonics/spelling; I love that he's so used to it, there's no fuss)
-I need to remember to include something for social studies
-focus: French--read the French book to her we bought, have her read to/with me (we've got some simple novels from the library), write together in French. I'm also going to invite her to participate in the phonics/spelling that the oldest is doing.
-focus on letters/phonics

Okay, enough thinking for now. I think my brain momentarily shut off completely. lol. That's what I get going to bed late the night of the clocks moving forward.

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