Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Workbooks

New workbooks are always exciting! lol. At least when the kids pick them or I've picked right. We went to an A Beka display a few weeks back, specifically to look at cursive workbooks and to see whatever else they might have that might be useful. They are the ONLY company I know that have cursive workbooks suitable for K/1 students. Everybody else seems to start in grade 3 or 4. So we had a look and picked the K5 book for ds and dd decided on the grade 4 Penmanship Mastery. I let ds watch a movie this afternoon and handed him his workbook after it arrived. He started working on it during the movie! lol. Dd has already said that she wants to work on it "with me" later. She just likes the comfort of having me there to make sure she starts off correctly.

I'm really impressed with the K5 workbook. I think it'll be great for ds. But I really want to be with him most of the time he does it so we can review the phonics involved--especially since the workbook's phonics will be English and he's learning French! And the grade 4 workbook seems to have just the right amount of practice per day.

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