Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Planning

Just to get some thoughts down before I go do other stuff, plans for today and the week:

-school planning
-bank, Michaels, groceries

For the week:
-need to finish the 15yo's LA plans--it looks like she is going to have to spend an hour+ a day reading to finish this book by spring break! She had brought it with her on her trip and only read about half a chapter. I had expected, as did she, that she'd get through more than that!
-need to finish 15yo's science stuff
-need to figure out her French stuff
-need to print off 12yo's French
-need to do chapter two from the Edison book
-need to plan for ds and dd (I think I'll look at Montessori Read and Write for some activities to do with ds in language arts this week; got to figure out what else)

Okay, time to do other stuff!

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