Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kids haven't changed

I've been reading more CM stuff--some of it is wonderful, some of it I'd never do with my kids, I don't think, but think it's just the thing for the 12yo!

I laughed as I read this today and thought, "Kids are kids, no matter what era!"

The Schoolboy's Home Work.––In the matter of home work, the parents may
still be of great use to their boys and girls after they begin to go to
day-school; not in helping them, that should not be necessary; but let us
suppose a case: 'Poor Annie does not her finish her lessons till half past nine,
she really has so much to do'; 'Poor Tom is at his books till ten o'clock; we
never see anything of the children in the evening,' say the distressed parents;
and they let their children go on in a course which is absolutely ruinous both
to bodily health and brain power.

Wholesome Home Treatment for Mooning.––Now,
the fault is very seldom in the lessons, but in the children; they moon over
their books,....

Oh, now, does THAT ever sound familiar!!!! lol. Granted, I don't have the kids here working until ten o'clock at night, but taking an hour to do something that should only take 5 minutes is very common place!

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