Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some epiphanies

1) I realized that I really don't like having to meet APS high school requirements! Actually, it wouldn't be so bad if the 15yo actually wanted to do this stuff, but she doesn't. She wants to get her diploma but would really rather not have to do all this stuff, some of it questionably educational. She's very disappointed with the science so far--it's just so much stuff crammed together, some of it not seeming to have any rhyme or reason for being there other than somebody deciding it should be. I miss what we had before, miss her being able to go her pace, follow her interests more.

2) The 15yo does NOT have to finish Math 10 this year. I believe she can do her high school math on her terms, to a certain extent. She has the option, I'm fairly sure, of just doing the work at her pace and then challenging the grade 12 course and exam. This means she will not get a mark for grade 10 and 11, although she will get the back-credits. It also means maybe skipping lightly over some stuff for now to more-or-less just get through the course, even if it's shaky, but with time to review stuff and go deeper next year if she's got more motivation. I just think if things continue on this way, taking a math exam in few months will not go so well. It's something to keep and mind, something I can bring up with her. Somewhere, somehow, she's going to have to find the drive to actually learn this stuff or there's no point to her doing the Pure Math sequence. There's also the option of her not doing the exam now, but doing it in the fall.

Just had to get that out!

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