Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More ghostly happenings at Rutherford House

As some of you know, Rutherford House is a favourite place of ours to visit. (I almost wrote 'favourite place to haunt'. lol) Not that there's anything particularly fun or fascinating at first glance. It's because of our strange experiences every time we go.

Today was one of the best:
  • The 15yo was watching over my niece and bringing her in different rooms. Before I managed to get to Hazel's room, the 15yo had gone a few times into it and came to me saying that my niece (20months) did NOT like being in that room and she kept being worried about one corner in particular and kept staring there.
  • I was taking pictures in the master bedroom; everything was just fine. I went into Hazel's room, where I found one area of it just gave me the chills all over. As I took pictures, I noticed the camera display flickered as though I were playing a movie on a VCR with bad tracking. This was not while I was playing a video, just the regular display. I went into the next room; the garbling on the display was towards Hazel's room. Went to the master bedroom; it calmed down and stopped completely. Went back to Hazel's room, it did a few more flickers before stopping.
  • The 15yo felt sick, as usual, if she spent 'too long' in Hazel's room. I started feeling sick and kind of weighed down. We talked about it downstairs and she asked if I felt sick to my stomach. I said no and kind of paused when trying to find a word. She said, "Slow feeling." That was exactly it. We both get the same kind of feelings in that room. Either she identifies my feelings or I identify hers.
  • The 12yo complained of a deep pain in his arm after spending time in a hallway where I'd ended up having a deep pain in my arm. It took over 30 minutes for the pain to leave him.
  • We tried to get details from my niece, but that was very difficult due to her age. We managed to ask her if she'd seen a man, a lady, a child and she said yes to a lady. There had been another lady there, so we weren't sure if that was it. We asked her to show us where the lady had been. She pointed to the corner she'd been watching earlier.

A great visit!!!


Jane said...

Wonderful! I still have not been but I can't wait to go!

Debbie said...

Sounds cool. I think it might freak my kids out, though. They already have worries about ghosts.

Daisy said...

Jane, I thought you'd already gone! It's a wonderful place, even without the 'haunting'. :) I love visiting old places, but I fully admit that it's the weird stuff that goes on that keeps us going back as much as we do. If you plan on going sometime and want to join up with someone, let me know. We love going.

Debbie, you probably wouldn't notice anything if you didn't look for it. We've never had anything truly physically strange happen. If we hadn't been aware of the belief of it being haunted and knowing a bit about 'typical' things, we would not have even noticed anything. The camera would have been seen as simply having a glitch, for example. We've never seen anything move, never heard anything strange, nothing like that. We've been actively searching and been actively aware of how we feel. I think if you were just to visit, like you might visit Ft. Edmonton, your kids would be fine.

Pam said...

LOLOL Daisy! I don't know that *I* would call that a great visit! That sort of thing scares the crap outta me!!! But maybe I should go with you all sometime... Perhaps I will avoid Hazel's room...

Daisy said...

LOL! :)

I love watching things like Most Haunted, so this is great to me. :)