Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Thursday

I don't really have much to say. lol. It's been a strange week and I've been mentally off. I'll go somewhere in the house to do something and get there and forgotten why I was going there. I'll take something I want with me to another room and realize two minutes later that I have no clue what I've done with it. These things, while they tend to happen now and then, have been more than once daily occurences this week!

We took advantage of the free things at WEM today. Tried to get going quick enough to go golfing before lunch, but we were too slow so just hung around Galaxyland. Great fun! I could, apparently, never go on the major roller coasters or anything--I became dizzy-feeling just with going on the 'medium' coaster for kids. Although maybe that's got to do with my ears and slight congestion and being mentally off this week.

Yesterday, the two oldest partcipated in the dissection of a squid. They were both rather squeamish. The oldest has long had the desire to be a vegetarian because she feels bad for the animals, so, although it was scientifically interesting for her and she wanted to do it, it was with mixed feelings. It went well, except that the 12yo didn't eat and drink enough at lunch and ended up feeling ill because of the smell while there. Even I was affected by the smell and didn't realize it until near the end. Dd and ds watched the entire dissection and found it thoroughly fascinating.

Because my mind has been so wonky, I haven't done my morning conferences as I had planned. I only realize that in the afternoon, as morning things only being to process at that point. ;) lol. I do know that I've got to work out a plan for tomorrow so that the kids will work in the a.m. The two oldest are getting behind! Especially with the 12yo quite certain he wants to go to school for high school, possibly even for gr. 9. He's got a lot to work to do to catch up, and he knows it. I've just got to try to set things up so I don't need my mind to remind me to structure things for him. hehe

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