Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Maybe there is something to parents wanting to homeschool their children due to school security. Or rather, the growing security schools feel they need.

I'm watching the Today Show or Good Morning America or something like that. They visited this school in Hoboken, NJ, where visitors have to have their picture taken, have their photo id scanned or something like that, where all the kids have to wear id's... This security guy evaluating the school said that the only thing he wasn't happy about was that their security system was not linked up to databases on sexual predators and violent offenders. (!)

More and more schools seem to be turning prison-like. I guess there are lots of buildings now which have a security guard and people have to sign in and wear id's and all that, but for kids? It's scary that our society has perhaps reached a point where schools do require all that. I keep thinking there's got to be another way to make our schools safe, but I don't have any ideas. And so, I can thoroughly understand parents who are worried about their kids' safety in school and who don't want to have to send their children to what seems like a medium-security prison each day.

I'm sure that those who started public education never imagined it would get to this point...

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