Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Holy Cow!!!

Absolutely nothing to do with homeschooling or Montessori:


Check this guy out!! (Hopefully the link words correctly!!)


Okay, about today:

The 12yo showed up looking pale today and visibly not well (not just an act!) and kind of just laid around for a while, then listened to me read to him a chapter from a simple version of War of the Worlds (I had tried to read the original at one point, but when the first sentence in the book covers practically half a page, it's not very encouraging!), he looked in the shelves and pulled out a chemistry model kit (a cheap dollar store thing) and listened to me read from Narnia just before lunch. 15yo's feeling better and did some social and math. It's been since last Thursday that she hasn't done any math--tsk tsk on us. Of course, she wasn't feeling well, but it's slow going when you're forgetting all the new stuff you've learned. I also did a little bit of vocabulary stuff with her from a book called... not sure. Too lazy to go get it right now. Dd read a French book, did some math and read her Goosebumps for a while. I've done nothing with ds.

It's just after lunch and we're waiting for the 15yo to head off to a dentist appointment. I'd like to do some work this afternoon as the 12yo's colour has come back a bit and he's much more energetic, dd hasn't done much and I'd like ds to do something. Hm... What to do?


On another note, I've come across things online with people freaking out over the school shootings and thinking of homeschooling. Well, to be honest, I'm not sure that's reason to homeschool. Look at the most recent shooting: an Amish community. Had absolutely nothing to do with them. The chances of something happening in a school just aren't (usually) that high. A child is far more likely to have the snuff beat out of him than be in a school where some lunatic comes in and shoots people. And the chances for an individual child being beaten up aren't that high!

What gets me is there's all this discussion now about what's going on in schools--two of the three schools had nothing to do with what was going on in the school. The Amish case is clearly one of a man who snapped for some reason. Afaik, it's the same thing with that other man who killed the girls in that other school (sorry, places and names have never been a strong point for me!) What's this got to do with what's going on in schools? Who says that schools have anything to do with what happened with those two cases?

Ah well, c'est la vie. People getting all hyped up and not thinking rationally...

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