Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kids are so cute!

I insisted that ds (6) do some school stuff with me last night because we hadn't done any together during the day at all. He picked his addition workbook and did some in that. He picked a page where he had to work out the questions then colour the section the correct colour. He didn't get to finish it and this morning, during breakfast, he announced that he wanted to work this morning.

So, he gets his book and brings it down to the table. He flips through one page at a time, reading aloud some of the stuff he's already done. "2 plus 1 equals 3. I already knew that!" "3 plus 4 equals 7. I already knew that!" (He actually doesn't have that one memorized, though!) He had so much joy in going over what he's done and getting to the page he needs to colour.

Ok, it was probably one of those mommy moments where you are just filled with awe and love for your little creature! :D

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