Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Misc. Babbling

The power went out this afternoon. It was interesting being in the house, the kids quietly reading, no sound of the aquarium, fridge or any other electric 'thing'. It was quite nice. I only wished I couldn't hear the traffic, too. It would have been totally peaceful.

Of course, my enjoyment of it left me when the power came on and I realized that the monitor would have turned off, which would mean difficulty in getting it to work again. I probably spent over an hour, doing sessions here and there of turning the power button on and off. It's finally on. :) (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, see other posts on my computer problems!)


The flu shot: Do you get the flu shot? Do you have your children get the flu shot? Yahoo News has articles in the spotlight right now, making a fuss about kids not getting flu shots. Well, why should they? Sure, those who have health issues which would make the flu shot very advisable really ought to. But they, in the US, are really pushing to have ALL children ages 6 months through 5 years vaccinated.

It sits wrong with me. What are we doing to our immune systems? What genetic changes may be taking place as one generation after another avoids, or tries to avoid, things like the flu through something as artificial as a vaccine? It makes me think of all the anti-bacterial products out there. People don't realize how they are affecting their immune systems, and their kids' immune systems, by trying to remove every germ and every bacterium. Our immune systems develop proper functionality by being exposed to things they have to deal with. Studies have shown that kids who live in practically germ-free homes have weaker immune systems than others. We're so worried about getting sick that we try to eliminate everything we can, just encouraging our bodies to get sick if they do encounter those germs!

The 15yo came to me very germ-phobic. She's not totally relaxed about it all now, but she's much better than she was. I shared with her the information about immune systems and how there's actually benefit to a young child's immune system when they stick something from the ground in their mouths. The knowledge that a little bit of most germs and bacteria not going to really make you sick or cause you to die, and can actually be a bit good for you, helped relieve some of her anxiety. (Really hearing that your immune system can get weaker if you constantly use anti-bacterials really hit her.) A lot of it had to do with young kids in the house and with some food item falling on the floor and me giving it to them afterwards if the floor was reasonably clean (I'm not at all suggesting you should keep a disgusting floor and eat off of it, but a reasonably clean floor will not do anything damaging to you!). She learned about the 5-second rule which is a favourite joke around here, but also to say, "Oh, it's good for the immune system." She no longer automatically throws, say, a grape away if it's fallen on the floor and been there for a second.

What's my point? Going from vaccines to bacteria? Haven't a clue. I told you in the subject line this was a babble, though. :D


Ganga Sunshine said...

Congratulations for taking the plunge in home education. It is brave and highly challenging. Having been in the education field for a number of years, I know that it takes passion and empathy to lift up the sleeping giants and prepare them for the world. hats off to you.

Ganga Sunshine

Daisy said...

Thank you. :D

Christie said...

I feel the same way about the flu shot! We have been encouraged to get the shot for the youngest because of his asthma.

In the last 5 years, the kids have hardly been sick at all. I really don't think it is wise to try and keep kids from EVER being sick. It is all part of building their imune system!

Pam said...

Daisy, my doctor told me she will NEVER get her kids the flu shot! Interesting---eh?

Daisy said...

Christie, you are so right. There is a difference between working at having our kids be healthy--healthy foods, exercise, enough sleep, for example--and trying to avoid all illnesses.

Pam, very interesting!!

The thing with the flu shot, too, is that the flu changes every year. So the flu shot you get every year is different. This is a yearly dose going into your body.

I've also known too many people who have been more ill during the flu season after they had the vaccine than they ever were otherwise. I certainly see no point in getting it.