Monday, October 09, 2006

It's a Holiday Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

My plans for the day: work on laundry, finish cleaning up the house, put together part of a FlyLady control journal, work on school stuff, go to the bank. Oh, and do some fun stuff: play with the kids, read, play piano, work on the blanket I'm crocheting, play Sims 2...

I need to 'verbalize' me school plans here so I can write a simple list in my planner. I've not been using it lately and it shows! So, here goes:

Summaries: I need to finish my month summaries for the kids. I think the two oldest's are pretty much done. I want to do a summary for dd and ds, too, so I have a record of what they did for Sept. Their summaries will be very different than the two oldest's.

Week plan: What am I going to do with each child this week? What are some musts? The daily meetings for sure. I'd like us to keep working on the emotional words chart. We've been gradually adding to it. Tomorrow, I'd like us to see if we can come up with 100 things to be thankful for, in honour of Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll start that today with my two. I need to preview what's in textbooks for the two oldest, decide what sort of subject-oriented work I want to do with ds and dd. Figure out my primary goal and focus on that.

Other school stuff: Figure out which language material I want to work on. Possibilities: grammar materials--symbols or cards, vocabulary cards, French labelling activities on The Classroom. Check in Homeschool Tracker to see what I have in there and what I can use this week. Print off FlyLady's No Whining sign

Well, it's still not totally light out and dh is still asleep. I think I'll play (Sims) first and work later. lol.

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