Monday, October 23, 2006

Life is always full of twists...

I got a call this morning. The 10yo I homeschooled last year, who has been in public school for two months, will be moving back near me and will be coming back to homeschool with me as of next Monday. I still feel in shock a bit. I'm a little afraid to get too happy about this in case it's not really real or things could change or something this week. If it's real, I'm very happy that she'll be back with us!

This means there will undoubtedly be a bit of an adjustment period for a little bit. But at the same time, I have my 6 back and she and dd will undoubtedly keep themselves busy with various work as they have similar desires in wanting to write stories and draw, something dd has not done a whole lot of the past while. She doesn't like to work alone--so typical of an elementary child--but her brother doesn't always feel like drawing next to her. This is probably the primary drawback of Montessori at home--respecting and meeting the child's natural inclinations isn't always do-able if you don't have enough kids!


On other matters, I had gotten a bit ready for this morning, but not as much as I would have liked and was rushing and felt flustered. With the birthday party and everything yesterday, I didn't have the chance to prepare things much. We actually didn't end up having a typical school day today. It felt rather unschooly. But it's dd's actualy birthday today and birthdays are always days off. It's just that we had the party yesterday, so it all felt kind of strange. I printed off song lyrics to a song the 12yo likes and he read most of them to me. I then re-read through it aloud and asked him questions about what he thought different parts meant. His sister overheard and added her thoughts in here and there, too. This ended up leading to a search online for the video for that song and for information on the band. They spent quite a bit on the computer listening to different songs and looking at different videos; I knew I had lost them to any of the other formal work I had planned. However, I inadvertently did some of the poetry study the oldest has to do for her English 10 credits. She's not quite done Shakespeare, but just about and we can move into poetry.

Oh, dh has arrived, I will go. Just to say that for a day that was supposed to be a day off, it turned out pretty good. :)


Jane said...

We'll make an unschooler of you yet!!! ;)

Daisy said...


I love it when those unschooling things happen and the kids direct themselves. Dd is actually quite good at this sort of thing, as is the 15yo most of the time, even if she does have APS requirements to meet. But it doesn't always work out that way. And it NEVER really works out that way with the 12yo. :( Not for the things he most needs to work on, anyhow.