Friday, April 30, 2010

Still thinking argh

I decided to look up SATs, just as a comparison, since the Alberta Diploma Exams are kind of like the SAT subject exams.

I learned that the SAT results give the student a raw score, but also tell the student where they fall percentile-wise for the time that test was taken. That makes sense to me. And maybe this is the basic premise that the Alberta Government is working off of--the percentile results per question on the diploma examinations.

Here's the problem: SATs don't make up 50% of the students' grade 12 final marks for ELA, Social Studies, Math, and all of the sciences (bio, chem, physics and the general science course) as Alberta diploma exam marks. SATs have nothing whatsoever to do with the students' marks--or getting a diploma. Students in Alberta can not get a high school diploma without doing at least some diploma exams.

Just another point against ever having my children as a part of the AB credit system--unless they choose it!

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