Saturday, April 10, 2010


Puzzles were the focus this past week. It started with dd being eager to finish a puzzle she'd started sometime ago, plus bringing out some easy puzzles for my nieces and bam, it became puzzle week with everyone involved!

My 2yo niece has been quite impressive: With minimal guiding, she was able to put together a 12-piece Caillou puzzle we have, where Caillou and his Mom are baking in the kitchen. (I need to remember to take pictures more often!) Friday, she put together--by herself--a 15-piece Max & Ruby puzzle. It was interesting to watch as she found pieces to put together, made mistakes (and my good little Montessorians didn't interfere, just watched), figured out she'd made a mistake and pulled off pieces to try again. Fascinating stuff to watch! She is VERY MUCH in the "me do" phase, but I didn't expect her to be so determined to do a puzzle herself!

I wonder if the puzzle focus will continue next week, or if next week will bring something new!

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