Friday, April 23, 2010

Story Telling

My 29mo niece has spent the past 30-45 minutes "reading" aloud. She takes whatever book she finds and makes up a story as she goes through. She is frankly amazing. I don't think I've known any of the other kids to tell stories of the level of sophistication I'm hearing at the same age!

Here are some of the things I've managed to write down:

"And then the baby spider said..."

"A coccinelle is going in the driveway. The ladybug says, 'Oh, there's a spider in the driveway.'"

"I need the master!"

"There's lots of place there in the potty."

"One day, the girl said, 'My blanket!'"

"Oh Papa..."

Something about a Mommy saying, "And she's BEAUTIFUL my bug!"

There's too much other noise and distraction around here and I can't write things down fast enough. She's, unfortunately, upstairs and the computer is downstairs. I'd love to type up what she says. lol

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