Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Weather

This beautiful weather is making it harder to actually do some schooling around here! It feels too much like the beginning of June, when we start doing crafts and spending lots of time outside. The 15yo still has work he has to get done, and exams to prepare for, my 12yo complained yesterday of feeling like she hasn't really done any work since Christmas (which isn't true, but it still feels like it to her).

I'm somehow going to have to battle against nice weather, unfortunately, to keep things together around here!

What has been going on instead? Well, the 15yo is getting work done, but that's mainly because he's doing a novel study right now and for that, I'm reading the book aloud so we can all enjoy it--and to make sure it gets done. ;) It's actually a very good book: Dare, by Marilyn Halvorson. We're nearly done--but it was supposed to have been finished 2 weeks ago. Eek. Gotta get crackin' a bit. My 12yo has been doing a lot of crafty stuff--most recent has been a latch hook kit. She got it last weekend and is already done. lol. Before that, it was some other craft. My 9yo has been outside, playing and reading. Although I am managing to get him to do some math sometimes and some handwriting sometimes.

It's tough to start up some good work routines when I--and the kids--would rather just be in summer mode! If some rain could come, that'd help. ;)

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