Monday, April 05, 2010

School's Back In Tomorrow!

It's been a weird Spring Break with the Easter weekend tacked onto the end. Everything has felt kind of rushed somehow, although my 4 days of just minding the kids has been good.

For tomorrow, I'm working on structuring things more. Already have some possible schedules worked out for "Bob"; need to get some stuff into place for my 2 and make a Would-Like-to-Present list for 5yo niece. I'm thinking this week of giving my 2 the blank work charts, as I've done in the past, or the "list charts" (for each subject, instead of a blank space to write things in, there is a list of ideas to circle or highlight as they're done) and just really focus on having them think of morning as work time, not play/chat/goof-around time. To get back to a really good flow, I need to include them all into some routines, like clean up and after-lunch silent reading--starting with 15 minutes. I should maybe make a chart and print it off so I don't have to remember this in the morning.

I've been doing fairly well with my journalling and it's really helping me get my thoughts together, as I knew it would. Some things I need to journal about: what will I present, how to fit in artsy and music stuff, how to make sure to give 5yo niece enough presentations.

Oh, supper beckons!

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