Sunday, May 02, 2010

More Montessori for early adolescents

Still in search mode! Here are some more links. I should probably find a way to collect them all together somewhere:

Great River School: and

Ottawa Montessori School:

Milwaukee Montessori School Junior High Blog--this one's particularly nice because you get to see pictures of what the kids are doing and I think all or most of the entries are by the students themselves:  **There are other blogs for other levels; just check out the links on the right of the jr. high blog!

Milwaukee Montessori School page:

Tall Pines School--the Montessori Guiding Principles and Adolescence starting in the middle of the page are particularly interesting:

Roots and Wings:

Something from

Some links focusing specifically on the idea of the Erdkinder: (If you understand German. :) )

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Kyle Sadler said...

Thanks for all the link information. I am just starting Montessori with my children and these are extremely helpful.