Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm a very harried mother?


I'm #45. :D

Interesting to see how others interpret what I write. I don't feel harried. Have had moments of stress and definitely busy, but not harried. Even decided to look up the word. Synonyms: Disturbed, distressed, agitated, tormented, pestered...

Is that really how I come across??? lol


Evenspor said...

Lol. I find the descriprions of a lot of the blogs on those lists to be... interesting.

Lisia said...

That's so strange. To me what comes across in your blog is that you seem very relaxed and very observant of the children. You often write about what you have noticed and how you are responding to that. "Harried" doesn't really come into it. I wonder if the person who wrote that only read one post and it happened to be some time when you and the kids had a lot going on.