Friday, April 23, 2010

More from my 29mo niece

I read a book today for me.

I need my dog.

One day my dad is home. When my dad is home. (turn page) When my dad is home. (Turn page.) When my dad is home with me. (Ad nauseum.)

(Almost shouting:) When my dad is home for me.

Indeed I love my dad. (Turn page.) I love my mom. (Turn page.) I love my mom.

One day I left... (voice trailed off and she turned the page)

One day my mommy... And my mommy... And my mommy

Can't say that story. (And walked off! lol)


It's a shame her big sister isn't having such a positive creative day. It's been a day of grumpiness toward the older kids, accusations of people hitting her tent (when nobody was near the tent--yes, I did witness the event and it was that one thing that one person moved caused a foamy chair to move against the end of the tent), and just general attitude of thinking the worst of the older kids. Not sure what might have triggered that, or maybe nothing really did, other than a general grumpiness and irritability present in the house (seems to go along with the weather).


Now the 29mo is using a wooden hammering toy and chanting:

Bubble gum. Bubble gum. (Shoot, she said something else, but I didn't get it down.)

Sunny like a gummy bear. (while hammering)
Sunny like a gummy bear.

Yesterday, she was singing a little song about her soup eating her animal crackers. LOL

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