Sunday, April 25, 2010

Worms, worms, worms!

I was so enamoured with my 2yo niece on Friday, I forgot to share what else we have going on!

Worm farms!

I made some comment about the suicidal worms on the driveway after the rain and that spurred the older kids into rescue mode. This led to asking if we had dirt; yes, I had some potting soil. Did I have containers they could use? Yes, I did. What do they eat? You'll have to look online.

Now we have 4 containers with worms in them. Bob has two, for some reason. I just realized I threw out a bunch of watermelon rinds today that we could have used as worm food. Dang.

They have 3 of the containers covered with brown paper because I had read that they need to be covered or kept in a dark place. We'll see how long they keep these guys alive. I think dd and ds will be responsible this week for learning more about how to keep them alive. Bob has only 6 weeks to finish all of his correspondence work AND study--he's got to get cracking!

You can see the worm along the side! If there's too much light when we pull up the paper, they dart out from wherever they are to a darker spot.

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