Monday, August 13, 2007

What a Weird Day!

And it's only 10:35 am as I write this!

I suppose the fact that it's Monday doesn't help.

Nor does it help that the weather was nice on the weekend but turned crummy. (I am so not used to this 'cold' weather. My house is only 22 degrees and no sun coming in. I'm used to the 24 with sun coming in and the air conditioner trying to not let it get up to 25. It feels like a full 5 degrees difference. I'm in long pants, need to put socks on, have a light sweater over my t-shirt... Brrrr.)

Nor does it help that dd has been a bit sick and all 4 kids are tired and kind of crabby.

It started out okay. Ds didn't get up until 7:15 (THAT's a miracle!) and did his t practice in his cursive workbook. I made a positive fuss over his one t and he was all proud and I asked him if he was proud. He said yes. Then I told him that what he was doing was special because kids in school don't usually learn this stuff until grade 3 and he's already started. He liked it even more. haha.

But, last night I watched a movie with him and I did some K'Nex while we watched. That inspired him and he decided to do some this morning. So after doing his cursive, we got started on the ferris wheel design in his book. Dd got up and joined us. I went and had a shower while the 2 of them finished. I was just finishing getting ready when my niece and nephew showed up at 8:30--my kids still in pj's and not yet fed! Ds and nephew settled on the downstairs sofa to look through books and dd fiddled around with the K'Nex a little more.

This was my opportunity to set things out to do. I set out the Geomagz and the plant stuff, then started putting things together to make buns. I decided I would put some of the ingredients on the tray since they didn't take up a lot of room. That's when it hit me: we have no yeast. Argh. I tried to find another recipe but nothing seemed appealing. So, I pulled out a large US puzzle map box and bingo and put them on the table, as well as a book on fingerprint drawings and a lettering book we have. Then I pulled out some books and put them on display.

Well, other than dd who has looked through the fingerprint and lettering books, and ds who looked very briefly at the Geomagz but didn't open them up, the activities have NOT been touched. The boys ended up turning to toys in a toy box we have out and then they and dd went outside for a little bit. They all came back in and headed to the basement, where dd and nephew are now being very noisy, but ds has come upstairs with my niece and is trying to explain to her what to do to play Monopoly Jr. (Naturally, I have been roped into helping so now I'm multi-tasking: blogging AND being Mononpoly Jr. banker and helper.) Now it's almost 11, which means we'll be having lunch soon.

It just feel like such a weird day. To add to it, I whacked my leg badly on the underside of the desk last night, bruising muscle AND bone just above the knee. (Oh and now my niece is doing her 2yo thing and pouting and saying "C'est pas juste! [It's not fair!]" because she had in her mind that ds had used her Jessie piece. Boy, does she ever need a nap this afternoon!) I can't stay cross-legged long and it's toward the outside of the leg, so easily touched, plus it hurts going in the stairs...

Weird day.

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