Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seeing our children

The kids (my kids) and I went to dh's soccer game last night. (They won! Woohoo! It was the final!) At one point, I looked over at dd who was standing with her grand-maman and I "saw" her. You know what I mean? I saw her shortness and just everything and realized how much of a kid she really is. I know I've blogged it before but it's worth saying again: I think parents and adults can forget a lot just how much of a kid kids really are. We expect them so quickly to 'behave' and to remember how to do things. Many expect more from kids than they do from adults! This is so unfair to them because they are just kids, learning day-by-day how this crazy world of ours works and their role in it.

In any case, for a short while, I saw dd. It was a wonderful moment of full appreciation. It also had me think about myself at that age. It was like I saw just how much of a kid I was just before going into gr. 5. It was somehow very humbling.

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