Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Sunday--Am I Ready?

I sat down and did a little bit of thinking for things to set up this week. Because of the setup of my house, I can't really have everything out and visible--or noticeable--all the time. For tomorrow, I've come up with the following to set up tomorrow morning:
  • a Geomagz "station"--I'll have the container pulled out of the box and all on a placemat at the table downstairs
  • plant cleaning--requires tray or placemat, Q-Tips, water dish, paper towel or cotton cloth, and plant, of course; at the kitchen table
  • stuff to make buns--on a tray, with bread machine recipe book and necessary measuring cups and spoons, a bowl; at the kitchen table
  • have books displayed in various places--we have a number of books out from the library we've never read because they get forgotten

After lunch, I might leave the above still available, but I'll pull out our construction materials. I also want to go for a walk with the kids or possibly walk and play at the park tomorrow. I'm not sure what the weather forecast is though. Oooh, just looked. Possibility of rain in the afternoon. Maybe we'll take the dog for a walk in the morning, just before lunch.

Other things I'd like to do this week:

  • pull out my Cuisenaire rods, possibly having prepared some "puzzle cards" before hand; unfortunately, this is only a very vague idea in my mind at the moment. It has to be wordless so they can figure it out on their own. Or maybe I go ahead and make some with words and help them out. Not sure. They might not even want to do puzzle cards, but I'd like to have them available. The rods often end up being used for building things. :)
  • I'd like to prepare a series of collage activities, but maybe only use one this week: only quadrilateral shapes, only triangles, only circles, a mix of those, etc. (got this idea from The Art of Teaching Art to Children)
  • check my 100- and 1000-chains to see if I have the labels (and if the 1000-chain is even complete!)
  • look in my kids' cookbooks to see if there are some easy recipes they could do
  • make spaghetti for the kids to do art with :) (Thanks, Lisia!)
  • print off some dot-to-dots with numbers or letters (ds LOVES these) and/or mazes
  • stuff to make playdough
  • our large 'corking' hoops and yarn

On a totally different note, the two oldest's materials should arrive later this week, which means I can really start feeling prepared for their work this September. Also, I've almost got the oldest's CALM course fleshed out (mainly using our school's course--thank you to that teacher because it's nicely done!--but with some tips or additional things I feel she should do) and have FINALLY found a setup for her French course that I am happy with and feel I can plan out appropriately. I'm not sure how many different things I tried until finding what I think will work. So, I have those two courses to work on this week, plus finalizing dd's and ds's ed plans--both my detailed plans and the short versions I provide the school board. That leaves continuing the work on the 2 courses for next week, plus finalizing the 13yo's school plans. Then, the final week, I'll finalize the oldest's plans, my first week plans and I'll be ready to go!

So little time left! This is only the school stuff I want to get done... Oh, just remembered: I am looking at The Learnables and Power-Glide as Spanish (and possibly even German) materials for us to use this year. While we have free access to Rosetta Stone, it's missing the 'kid feel' that these two other programs have. Yet another thing to decide!

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