Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School's almost here!

I'm getting excited. I'm so looking forward to the start of this school year. Eager to get going with stuff, establishing routines. Eager to cover some of the topics I've chosen for this year so that I can learn about it. lol

With it Wednesday today and being busy on the weekend, I pretty much only have today, tomorrow and Friday to get things ready for Tuesday. I don't have my plans worked out as much as I would have liked, but that's okay. For the next three days, my focus will be just on making sure everything for the first week is ready.

What do I need to have ready?

*The 16yo's chemistry scheduling, worksheets and quiz questions. For this last one, I'm going to make a daily quiz for her--maybe 5 to 10 questions--based on what she's already covered. Instead of trying to guess what she'll have covered and preparing quizzes ahead of time, I've started going through the text and setting up quiz questions that I can easily copy and paste into a new document and print off.

*The 16yo's math review sheets or directions to pages to be done. I bought a bunch of The Key to... books and will probably have her do them, but write the answers on a separate sheet of paper. (There was no way I was going to purchase a set for each child! They can write their answers on paper.)

*The 16yo's French work: grammar sheets, stuff to read, writing assignment. Ooh, I just had a thought of something I should add in her plan: she HATES using the dictionary but it's crucial, especially in a second language situation and the fact she'll be taking an exam worth 100% of her French 30 mark. I'll assign something where she has to look up words. :D

*The 13yo's LA work. While the reading is taken care of (I've chosen Fantastic Mr. Fox for our daily reading together), I need to think about writing ideas based on that, plus decide once and for all what I'm using for his phonics/spelling (I think I'll continue with The Writing Road to Reading, but maybe have one day a week set aside for Phonics Pathways or the McGuffey Speller). Also, pick his grammar work for the week. I do want him to transcribe some cursive into print, but that can probably wait a week. We've really only got 3 work days next week since Tuesday morning will be in part looking at plans, goals, getting things set up, having him look at the TLE math and see how he thinks it'll work for him, etc.

*The 13yo's reading assessment. I think I've got a grade 4 assessment on my computer that I want to have him do. If he does great on it, great! I'll ask him if he wants to do a harder one to see if he can do it. If he doesn't do great on it, then I will give him the test again at a later date so he can see his improvement.

*The 13yo's math assessment--I've started putting together a kind of test to have something 'formal' to show where he's at right now for various math skills and then give him the same assessment at the end of the year to show improvement. I went through our provincial program of studies and pulled out outcomes for grades 2-7. I want to be able to really show him where his weaknesses are, where things are going great, and then he'll see the reason for me giving him the extra practice work.
*The 13yo's math extra practice work. I already know fairly well where his issues are, so it shouldn't be too hard putting some stuff together.

*The 13yo's social studies--I don't think I decided what he was going to do for this or not! I'll have to check my plans, but other than what I blogged (which was just a "maybe"), I'm quite sure I haven't planned for this. So, I need to figure out what he'll do for social studies and then prepare any materials for that.

*The 13yo's French work. I haven't even looked at topics or anything. I'm going to have him focus on the gr. 4 topics this month as he really hasn't done any of the reading and writing. Gosh, I know I've said this before, that I'd do this with him, but before it was kind of a "Oh, let's do this" whereas now it feels like a, "This is what's going to be done." I want him to be able to handle the gr. 8 FSL by the end of the year so that he has the option of taking the gr. 9 FSL in a school next year. There's a deadline in place!

*Dd's science. I know I was excited about the topics but I haven't look at them in a bit.

*Dd's social. Same as for science.

*Dd's math. She has this mathwork book now, so maybe I'll just let her go with it and check off things that she covers. If she's not in the workbook mood, I've got my plan. I should probably decide some specific lessons to do with her so I'm ready.

*Dd's work plan chart.

*Ds's science.

*Ds's social.

*Ds's work plan chart. This is going to be new for him to do this year. It'll be really simple!

*Inspirational quotes or affirmations to share and put up.

I've really got to get going here. The 11yo I had with us for 4 years is spending the day with us today and could show up any minute!

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