Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm procrastinating

Are you tired of me changing my blog template? lol. It's one of those things where one day, something seems appealing, then another day, I'm thinking, "Why did I pick that??"

In any case, this babble of mine is procrastination. I ought to be working on school stuff. I'm tired, though, and can't figure out where to start. So I'm avoiding starting. Make sense?

Let me start here. What I really need to have for next week is:
  • 16yo's math for the week
  • 16yo's social studies for the week
  • 16yo's chemistry for the week (this may be close to done)
  • 16yo's French (this is just about done, actually, as I worked on the assignment sheets this morning)
  • 13yo's detailed LA plan (for the week, not for the year)
  • 13yo's math worksheets for the week
  • 13yo's French for the week
  • 13yo's science for the week (this is pretty much already decided upon, I think, but it's not written out)
  • 13yo's social studies for the week
  • a plan for the first day
  • dd's work chart
  • light plans for dd's math, French, science and social studies (I don't even know if I actually need anything prepped for this as I don't remember what we're doing for it)
  • ditto for ds

Written out like that, it's not so bad. I guess it's that for the 16yo, I want to have the whole semester laid out for her, a syllabus of sorts. Plus, with her chemistry, I've been going through and adding in various tips and reminders from What Smart Students Know. I'd like to do the same for her social studies. I just feel like these things are the way to start off the courses and I should really have them done! But, to be honest, they're not as important as having the actual necessary prep work done for Tuesday.

I've got the 16yo's social studies right next to me. I guess I'll give that a go.

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