Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm tired!

It's past 4:30. I'm ready to be done for the day. lol. I still have niece and nephew here. I didn't have them yesterday, which was good, because I wasn't feeling super great. Unfortunately, it meant that I totally forgot about my routine of making a list the night before of things to set out to do. So, this morning, I kind of remembered and pulled out a couple of things, which ds did long before my nephew showed up. lol. Ah man... Morning was good, but they started getting rowdy just before lunch. Then we ran some errands (picked up a few school supplies) and came back. Dd and I made cookies while ds and nephew alternated between playing and looking at books. Now, however, they're ALL sitting in front of the tv because our Playstation 3 arrived today and dh got it hooked up while we were out. We don't have any games, but there are some free or cheap games available through the PS3 that dh has found. I'm guessing my 2 will forget about the Incredibles 2 game for X-Box they have out from Blockbuster. ;) *sigh* Sooo much screen time this week!!

One thing that happened today was my nephew asked if we could watch a movie. I said no, not today. He half whined and said they didn't get to watch a movie yet this week (he came only twice last week and both days we did end up watching a movie). I asked him if he watches a movie every day at home. He said yes. I replied, "We don't. They get to watch one or two movies per week usually and that's it--one on Friday and sometimes another on the weekend. Only sometimes do they get movies during the week. Today's not a movie day." He seemed to accept it, despite not being happy about not watching a movie, but ds distracted him right away with some activity and it was all kind of left alone. But it points to me two things: I need to be prepared for his request of a movie/computer time because he gets a more of it at home than he does here and that's kind of his "routine", something that's not always easily broken; and I need to be more prepared with my environment and activities, not only to help prevent the "I don't know what to do" state, but to also have something to offer if they do hit that state and end up getting goofy instead of finding something to do. I say 'goofy' like it's a bad thing, but it really isn't just light-hearted child's play--it's like a caffeine injection or something. It's not just noise--it's noise heightened to a crazy level.

Anyhow, gotta go!

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