Saturday, August 18, 2007

I need to learn to stick to plans...

My plans for this week were to finish up dd's and ds's school plans for the year. They're coming along and going well, but for whatever reason, I found myself looking at the 16yo's chemistry for first semester. With the time I've spent so far looking through it AND trying to work out a rough schedule (since the school website doesn't have the new course up yet), I'm sure I could have had my kids' plans done. Yeesh.

I'll go back to my kids' plans now! (My kids, btw, are quietly concentrated on self-chosen art activities at the moment. Dd is using watercolour pencils--they're like pencil crayons, but used on watercolour paper and you can brush over parts with water and it's like you'd painted--and I'm not entirely sure what ds is doing. Actually kind of looks like he's pretending to use a feather as a pen like in the 'olden days'. Things are so much calmer around here after the week of 4 busy, noisy kids!)

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