Friday, August 24, 2007

Just stuff

So, yeah, changed my blog layout again. lol. I just wasn't happy with the colours I'd picked and didn't feel like trying every single colour to come up with something I'd enjoy, so I found a template I liked and change the template.


The 13yo (entering gr. 8) has been hanging around with public schooled friends this summer. Friends who have convinced him that he *needs* to go to school. They have him convinced that it's so much fun. I don't think he realizes just how much work it is. His academics are behind in part because he can't handle his emotions enough to stick things through and do the work he needs to. I'd be willing to bet (and I don't bet) that if he went to school, by the end of September, he'd be asking to homeschool again. He's just not ready. I know he needs to go to school at some point, but it's not this year! He only started really coming back up after the dive he took following his parents' separation and the beginning of the divorce procedures. Fortunately, his mom has not fallen for it and they apparently had a long talk. I had been counting on having the 2 years to get him up to snuff both in work skills and in academics, but if I can help him get some good work skills going, then maybe gr. 9 is a possibility. Or maybe part-time gr. 9--if he registers with the public school board for homeschooling, he'd be allowed to go take a couple of classes at a jr. high sort of near my place. It'd be a good transition to going to high school, which I know he DEFINITELY needs. Not just for the social aspect, because he's one of those kids who would LOVE the social stuff in high school, but because he needs that transitional phase before graduating.

Fortunately, one of his homeschool buddies is back living near us and we should be seeing him more often. I *really* hope that they'll be seeing each other the first day of school--a 'pointing out' that he's having fun with his friends while his public schooled friends are sitting in desks and getting homework to do that evening, might help the year start off well. I don't know. I guess we'll have to see. It'll either be the year starts off with attitude because he doesn't want to homeschool anymore or it'll start off with enthusiasm so that he can prove himself to be able to go to school. *sigh* Well, at least I won't have to deal with a small fear I had of him balking at going to school for gr. 10. lol.


I started doing some of the 16yo's chem work today. The planning's not quite done, but I decided that I really needed to have some answers in place for at least the first week of work--the textbook only has some answers and I don't know if the chem teacher from the school will have those answers up on the website. So, I got some questions done. It's actually not bad for me to be doing them, even the ones that do have answers, as I get a feel for how long they actually take to do.


Time for me to go play Sims for a bit.

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