Thursday, August 31, 2006

Second attempt at pictures

If Barbie can do math, so can you!
(Jane, you are a horrible influence! Anybody wishing to see what I'm talking about should visit the Escaping the City blog in my links section. She has wonderful pictures there, and not just of Barbie!)

My actual desire was to have some commonplace object in there so that people can see the approximate size of what I have. Unfortunately, my mind thought first of Barbies, due to Jane's site, and there were Barbies on the floor, so... It was inevitable. :)

As I wrote in the comments section of another post, they are 8mm beads. So, each 10-bar is 8cm long, not including the wire sticking out. I used round fishing tackle beads bought from a company in Ontario. There are other chains that complete the set, but I've decided not to do them.


Jane said...


Lol.....I like that Barbie is a Montessorian!!! :)

Thanks for helping me see the size!

Daisy said...

Ah, don't worry, I'm going to leave the Barbie photos to you. :) I do seriously think you should consider making a calendar and see if you can sell it. People would buy it! Well, I would! lol.