Friday, August 25, 2006


I forgot to do the magazine file on the filing cabinet yesterday, but I did take care of the top shelf on the desk. The base part of the desk now looks all cluttered and junky. I might have to take care of that, too. lol.

I began the adventure in the school room. OMG. I think it looks worse now than it did when I started. lol. I pulled a bunch of stuff from the shelves so I could go through them and I'm not done that part. I'll hopefully finish that today and can begin tackling the desk. I thought the den would be harder than the room, but I was wrong! I honestly feel like I haven't made any progress in that room, although I know I have. It's just such chaos at the moment.

I read through my FlyLady emails this morning. One caught my attention about FACE and I don't remember if it was in the message or on her website, but I read about just starting where you're at and not trying to catch up. I've kept putting off all the Quicken things because I felt the need to catch up. Actually, it's more that I have dayhome receipts to take care of and wanted to have it all organized in Quicken so that I could just print off a report come tax time and have it all organized. But that would mean putting EVERYTHING in since Jan. 1, 2006. You can imagine how I wasn't too keen on doing that. The message today made me realize that I'm making things far too difficult for myself. It'd be better for me to just start Quicken where I'm at and then go through all the collected receipts (which aren't all dayhome receipts) on the side. I can put the information into a spreadsheet and it'll be MUCH easier than trying to get everything into Quicken at this point.

I've begun the Quicken process by getting all my accounts and certain automatic transactions in. Tomorrow I'll put in all the details from the recent statements. After that, daily updates as needed and I can begin going through the massive collection of receipts. (See, dh thought I was putting everything into Quicken so he'd pass off the receipts to me, and I kept keeping them because I thought I would start Quicken...) It's such a relief to know that this is all actually going to be taken care of and I won't have receipts flying around and cluttering up our precious school/home environment.

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