Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm Pooped!!

This has nothing to do with Montessori nor homeschooling. It's just me needing a break.

It's 1:43 as I write this. I left the house just before 9:30 this morning, spent about an hour and a half with my 2 kids at AMA to get membership and insurance (they had a fire alarm or something before I got there and that held up all kinds of stuff). We got to Office Depot just after 11am, did some school supply shopping (okay, there is something about homeschooling ;) ), went to Tim Horton's for lunch, then dropped off books at the library, then went to Sobey's for a few groceries, then came home, unpacked the groceries, realized that we're having allergic people over tonight so put the cats in the basement, vacuumed, sprayed Febreeze Allergy all over, threw a sofa blanket into the wash, got the dishes running and finally sat down. I've basically been on the go for 4 hours. I'm not used to this!

I'm going to give myelf another 15-30 minutes to just vegetate in front of the computer. Then I'll go do whatever cleaning I should get done before company comes--the bathroom, the kitchen, pull out the toy cars. They'll be over at 5 so I've got lots of time.

Poor kitties are complaining in the basement... :(


Jane said...

I hate having to rush like that too.......I love quiet easy days at home and am not used to rushing gives me a migraine.....enjoy your visitors....does this mean you can come to the splashpark now you have insurance????? :)

I love shopping for school supplies :)

Daisy said...

Yes! I have insurance and I can go to the spray park on Monday! Yay! I wanted to go another time before fall hit and hadn't thought about the fact that fall is almost here. The tricky part will be protecting ds' cast...

Company was good. Now they're gone. Dh is gone to an 'Xbox Party' so now I'm here before I go off to bed. Too tired to read but I feel it's too early to go to bed. lol.

We didn't buy a whole lot for school supplies. We still have a ton of stuff from last year's purchases and even some lined paper (looseleaf) from the year before that. (An accumulation: I bought two packs here, then saw them on sale somewhere later and couldn't remember how much we had left so bought another two packs, etc. We ended up having 5 or 6 unopened packs of looseleaf in addition to 2 opened packs--for one school-aged child!) They did each pick a special notebook, though. Although it was slim pickings for notebooks for boys. Ds is happy with what he got but I feel bad for him! Just a plain funky green plastic cover whereas dd has this big flower and colours and texture. Not fair, I say!