Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to the Environment!

I have 4 days left to get our school environment (aka house) into shape. It's actually usually kept fairly well off, there are just certain rooms that get neglected. Since the environment is so important in Montessori education, I've really got to get myself in gear.

What I have left to do:
  • finish the 'school room'
  • take care of the school shelves in the family room
  • declutter the bookcases in the living room (not get rid of stuff, just move it to the basement for rotation or something)
  • the laundry room
  • if possible, the basement--get rid of some toys and get the toys back in order

I should be able to get the school room done no problem today. The school shelves might be a bit trickier because I haven't figured out what I actually want there, but I could definitely store things we don't need right now. Decluttering the bookcases should be fairly easy. So, my plan for today, other than errands, is to finish the school room, declutter the bookcases and put away unnecessary materials from the school shelves.

In terms of actual school stuff, I'm going to wing it today. The weather is turning for the worst and it's never a good time for set plans. So, if I can get in some letter work with ds, great! If we can make some brownies or cookies and I can show ds and nephew how to wash the dishes by hand afterwards, great! If all we manage to do is watch a Magic School Bus video that is due today and go to the library, that's great, too. If I can manage to sneak in a short nap, even better! ;)

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