Friday, August 18, 2006

Old Activities Die Hard

It's interesting how activities that called to a child in the past can pop up suddenly again.

I was slicing up a banana for my niece so that she would stop digging her nails into it to pull off pieces and ds (almost 6) decided that he wanted to slice a banana to eat. This has always been a favourite activity of his, something I first showed him when he was about to turn 3 or he had just turned 3. He hasn't sliced a banana in a long time, but boy did he enjoy himself!

My nephew (6yo) got in on it, but not with banana slicing (something he was never particularly attracted to): the Sandpaper Letters. While ds was playing something my nephew wasn't interested in, my nephew complained of not knowing what to do. I said we had lots of things to do in our house and listed some. He wandered around the family room and looked at the school shelves, spotted the Sandpaper Letters and asked to do them with me. Those were a favourite of his when he was 4 and coming to me each day during the school year. We probably haven't done them in over a year and a half!

I find it curious that both boys would be spontaneously attracted to an 'old' activity today. Still trying to figure out if there's some reason why that I've missed...

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