Friday, August 11, 2006


Practical life activities are one of the easiest things parents can do with their kids if they make room for them to do so. Last night, ds helped me with things to prepare supper. The night before, it was dd. This is something new but it's because I've decided to make an effort to invite them to come help me. Ds felt so big last night!

Today, they'll be invited to make chocolate chip cookies with me. We're going over to someone's house this afternoon plus we have plans on the weekend with family and want to have cookies available. They love making cookies, so it'll be a great activity for this morning. Particularly on this cloudy, rainy day.

On the topic of practical life, it just hit me that the laundry has to be done today so that we have clothes for the weekend. Another thing the kids can help me with!

If you're looking for some good PL activities for a 3-6yo (some are even suitable for younger kids), check out Shu Chen Jenny's site.

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