Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why can't people do something just to be nice?

The 16yo is trying to find a school willing to look over her French work for FLA 10/20/30-2 and is having a dickens of a time. She contacted this one school and waited over a week to hear back. I finally said she should email a follow-up. She does and gets a response back the next day. The principal has no understanding of what it was that we were asking. So I reply, clarifying things a bit and he gets back to us, still NOT understanding (he thought we were asking for a course challenge, but that's not what homeschoolers do, although they look alike), but more to the point, saying that because she's not registered with that school board, "there is no reason for us to use any of our resources, human, financial or otherwise in the evaluation". I suppose this was the polite, or something, way to say, "You're wasting our time." How about just being nice and helping a girl get credit? The school she's registered with doesn't have anybody on staff to evaluate the coursework, so she has to find someone else or take Alberta Distance Learning (which she really doesn't want to do, plus it'll add up to about $900 or so for the 3 courses). This school has qualified personnel. The actual evaluation process would not be long. But, because the board doesn't get any $$$ for her, there's no reason to help her out, right?

Ugh I hate how the schools are so $$$ focused.


Correne said...

If you just need her work evaluated, why can't you do it? Aren't you a teacher?

If not you, then how about hiring a French teacher or a substitute to do it privately? They might do it for $50 or $100.

Daisy said...

Only a school principal can file credit for high school. And the principal files credit based on his/her staff having evaluated their students. Alberta Education has said the school must have a qualified teacher who is familiar with the program (this could be tricky for us, too, since nobody actually offers the darn course, but they do offer the higher level FLA) who can do an assessment to see that APS outcomes have been met.

And if it could be any teacher, I doubt I would be considered qualified since I did elementary education and don't have a major or minor in French.

It's a royal pain in the butt, I tell you! But if we can find someone (Shep is looking potentially promising!), it'll be worth it so she doesn't do ADLC.