Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daisy Needs

I've seen this on a few blogs. You go to Google or Yahoo and do a search for "your name needs" and see what pops up and comment on them. Here are some of the things that popped up for mine.

1. Daisy needs to be the Alpha dog--I don't think this is true. Depends on the issue. :)

2. Daisy needs no batteries and comes with two-pronged lawn stake--um, ROFL.

3. Daisy needs cheering up --no, I'm actually doing rather well right now.

4. daisy needs a new home--Well, I'd love to move (my neighbourhood is going down the drain!) but don't need to. And it'd require a little more income to move into something worthwhile. I have this thing about walk-out basements, too...

5. daisy needs a quick re-homing(free)--I don't even understand what that means! Further along that line it says "DAISY is home/family raised and socialized"--hehehe. Is this about homeschooling?

6. Daisy needs the money--yep! Well, no, don't NEED, but it'd be nice.

7. Daisy needs a foster or adoptive home immediately--actually, I quite like the family/home I'm in right now. Please don't make me leave!

8. Daisy needs to know whether her mother really ran off or met a more sinister fate--well, my mom is a runner...

9. Daisy needs a driver in her old age--I'm not old!

10. Daisy needs Münchner Abendzeitung--I think that means the Munich Evening News. Maybe there's something important in the German news for me.

11. Daisy needs help with the royal paintings--yep, I don't know a single one of them. Although I'd recognize our current royal family.

12. This one was too funny to not share:
Daisy needs to be socialized around people and we recommend she see a professional trainer to assist her.

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Lisia said...

ROFL. Thanks for the laugh. Searched for "Lisia needs" and only got "Did you mean: lisa needs" :( I'm often called "Lil" - I'll try that.