Monday, May 28, 2007

3 more weeks--minus a day!


We have three more weeks of school time to go. Only really 3 days this week, although I think the 16yo will still do work on Friday (it's her brother's 13th birthday on Friday--we have a tradition of having birthdays off), just not as much as usual since we'll be out for a few hours, plus doing the cake and present thing. (ooh, that reminds me: I need to buy a cake mix or two to bring cupcakes to park day on Monday.)

Next week is study week for the 16yo, and just the usual for the others. I don't know when our year-end review will be. I've always had our facilitator contact us in the past, but we're with a new board now, so maybe she's waiting on us. I don't know. As late as we can go in June, the better!

The week after that is study/exam week for the 16yo. The others will be finishing up any requirements I have of them. THEN we'll be officially done school work. After that, there are field trips (Ft. Edmonton, St. Albert Spray Park, the zoo, Millennium Place) and park days and our usual lunch for the end of the school year--no time for school. lol.

Today was really quite good. I had been reading to the kids first thing in the morning, but I was finding it hard to get them working afterwards. So we flipped it today: I pulled dd and the 12yo into work around 8am (while the 16yo got a few more z's on the sofa), they worked fairly well (somewhat) until about 10am (this is actually a long stretch when considering the work that has been going on lately!) and I read to them from about 10:30 until 11 (our lunch hour). We decided we've been home too much and took the afternoon off to go to WEM, where I managed to use up a few more dollars of my funding (I've got 2 days left to use up the rest--and I have no clue what to buy because I can't order anything--I need to send the receipt in the mail on the 31st at the latest) at Chapters. I plan to do the same thing tomorrow morning: get the kids working (I'll have my plans a little clearer, I hope!), then we've got errands to do in the p.m.--drop the 16yo off at diving, go to the library and use up my funding. lol. Wednesday has nothing planned--16yo will work on school work both morning and afternoon. Thursday is unsure at the moment--16yo doesn't know if she's diving or not.

What are my plans? I don' t know. I think I should go to bed. But maybe babble out some ideas so I don't have to do all my thinking in the morning:

-12yo HAS to write!!! and he can have silent reading time. Start with our usual phonics/spelling routine, though. And touch on a couple of stories in Literacy Power. Dd--whatever. lol. She usually likes to do the phonics/spelling routine with the 12yo, but she started some story or something this evening and may go off and do that instead.

-MUST do Ray's--2 lessons. 1 lesson just really isn't enough since I'm taking it from the Primary book (intended for the first 2 years of school). Plus do translations, rotations and reflections with the 12yo (and dd, if she wishes).

-look more at the 12yo's science text: he really wants to make a bridge with popsicle sticks, but I really want him to look through the whole section on types of bridges first.

-work on continents and provinces of Canada

If that all gets done, then we'll look at playing Yahtzee, sound/word bingo or some other fun schooly thing.

With ds, I want to get to him first thing. We haven't consistently worked on phonics in quite a while. I want to play some little games tomorrow morning with him. But what? Hm, not sure. Maybe Go Fish with the alphabet cards we have from Sing, Spell, Read and Write. Or memory with some cards I could do up quickly? OR do Reading Reflex type activities with French words. Tell him it's a game to put the letters in the correct order and he'll probably love it, especially if I go first and he has to tell me if I'm right. I would also like to work on continents with him. And I've had the thought of having him do a little research booklet on sharks or something, something where he copies down the word under an image he's selected, for example.

All I can think of for the moment. I really need to sleep! One of our cats woke me up too early this morning because he was trying to get at a flying male carpenter ant that ds has in a little bug catcher.

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