Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's officially left to do

I printed off the home ed plans I'd given at the beginning of the year. Looking at them, here's what I need to make sure to do:

With dd:

-German: I said she would improve oral and written comprehension and production, but she hasn't really done much; we're going to scrap official 3rd language learning next year and just have fun with whatever

With ds:
-Actually, his plan is fine, but I looked at grade 1 APS and for math, I'd like to do skip counting by 10's and 5's with him.

For the 12yo:
-shoot, I said he'd complete Literacy Power E. That's the workbook I said he hasn't done. I didn't realize that I'd said he'd do the whole thing. Good thing I'd planned that in! I think he could still complete it, even if "completing it" means only reading through all the selections and doing half the questions.
-I also said that he'd finish listening to SOTW. We're not even half done, I think.

For the 16yo:
-French is the only thing badly neglected. But I still made the objectives loose enough that it's not a big deal.

So, there we go. Not too bad!

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