Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feeling bored

Had a lot of fresh air today and am feeling the fatigue of that a bit. I've also got things to do that I absolutely have no interest in doing. So I'm procrastinating. Which, combined with the fatigue, has me feeling bored. lol.

What do I have to do? Well, I've got to finish up the receipts that I'm mailing off to the school board tomorrow. I at least went and spent the rest of my funding today--so very good French reference books. Other than that... Hm... I know there's stuff to do, just can't think of it. lol.

Oh, yes:
-some house cleaning (FlyLady-style room rescues and put out hot spots)
-read the library books I have out
-put stuff together for year-end reviews
-order more planning pages
-plan tomorrow
-find more schools to contact for the 16yo's FLA credits
-clean up in the basement (I guess that counts as a room rescue)
-resume and letter
-Quicken/business stuff

How about an update since the other day? Well, Monday went well, then Tuesday, they were all sleepy and just were not up to getting going right away. Don't remember if I managed to get some work in with the 12yo or not. Today, I read to them from The Thief Lord (oooh, there was a HUGE, unexpected twist in the story!) and then did a bit of work with dd and the 12yo, then worked with the 16yo and that was that. Dd and the 12yo worked with plasticine while I worked with the oldest. I had actually hoped to have a fairly strict schedule for this morning, but my mind wasn't with it.

For tomorrow... hm... I'm not sure. I have to make sure my receipts are postmarked tomorrow's date--a day later and theoretically the receipts won't be accepted! However, I can probably bring them in any time tomorrow and it'll be fine... Hm... Okay, let me plan out just a morning schedule, assuming everybody's awake!

8am: L.A. -phonics/spelling routine/WRITING: he needs to absolutely finish a plan for his potty story and then spend whatever is left on the LA time writing at least a rough draft (even if it's that he dictates to me). He's got a superb start to his story and just hasn't gotten anywhere with it.

9 am: MATH--Ray's (2 sheets--I'll have to print them off) and translations, rotations and reflections

10am: FRENCH: Read from easy reading book (go through the phonics of a couple of pages); Rosetta Stone as long as he wants

If there's time left, read through the science section on types of bridges. Could also play the new math bingo games or some other

9yo dd:
8am: LA--phonics/spelling routine; cursive; choice of French copywork (of verbs or a book) or writing a story with me (a proper story, planned out)

9am: MATH--Ray's and/or multiplication sheet (3-digit by 1-digit) and/or work with the 12yo

10am: recommendations: Le tour du monde, German (Rosetta Stone), reading, writing, etc.

But now it's 8pm. My receipts are pretty much done. And I have to get my kids to bed and will probably read a book or something to wind down.

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