Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

We're finally going to get started tomorrow! Yay!

I'm eager to have some structure to our days. Eager to get going on guiding and helping the kids with their work. I've just spent several hours working on the computer in preparation. oof.

So far, I have an example schedule set up for the 15yo. Unfortunately, she can't set up something more definite at this time because we still have not received our resources from the school. However, there's still a lot she can do. I also found typing tests from our school and printed those off for her so she can see where she's starting at for keyboard and number pad AND I typed up a list of things she needs to do this week. I've got to now put that into HST (Homeschool Tracker) and check it off when she does it. There's something about the HST printouts for the assignments that turns her off so I've got it set up a little more simply. Means more work for me, but a better guide for her.

For the 12yo, I've started working on some simple French worksheets to get him into doing a bit of written work. I've also got his week planned out and tomorrow's assignment sheet printed off.

For dd, I haven't done up anything on the computer, but she's so highly self-directed there's not much for me to do. I need to put some stuff into HST, print it off for my purposes and make sure I do certain work with her this week. She'll be doing French phonics work with the 15yo, some verb work which she'll start with the 15yo (but the 15yo will get into more advanced stuff) and I want to begin place value with her. Maybe see if she'll work in some of the workbooks she asked me to buy for her. For ds, it's basically work on letters, work on how to write numbers, maybe pull out the 100-chain again. For social studies and science for both of them, I'll get some Canada maps printed off for colouring and labelling and I have a science kit from which we can do some science experiments and some science books to read aloud.

The primary focus this week will be on routines more than on work, though. Since the oldest are arriving very early, I'm thinking we'll start our morning meeting at that point, have some read-aloud time from Prince Caspian or a French book, move into silent reading shortly before 8, stop after about 20 minutes (for those who are ready) and get started before my niece shows up. I had been planning on waiting until after she arrived to get started on more formal work, but she's been showing up around 8:30-8:40 lately. This means that our work period should go until 11:30-11:40 but we are far too used to breaking for lunch at 11. I don't want to cut out 30 minutes.

Back to the routines: we break for lunch around 11. Have lunch, clean up. Then it's quiet time: Writers' Workshop, reading, research, etc., while I put my niece down for her nap. After that, I'm calling it "Options" time. This means anything BUT free play. They can do music, art, handwork, science experiments, computer learning stuff, I can read aloud to them, discuss certain topics, things like that. The 15yo will therefore have time to work on her stuff and will not feel like everybody else is "done school" for the day and she's not. Besides, I've written it before, I've never wanted our afternoons to be total free play!

Let me rewrite the routine without so many words:

  • Morning meeting: plan day, discuss issues, events
  • Read-aloud
  • Silent reading
  • Work period
  • Lunch
  • Quiet time
  • Options

Feels good to have my thoughts organized a bit better. But my body needs a break from this computer!!

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Jane said...

Good luck with your weeks plans....sounds like you are so motivated!!! :) have fun :)