Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The New Cat Bed

It will be available everywhere soon, if I can succeed in marketing it:

That, or maybe it can be a centrepiece!

It's not fair of me to show our dear Sunny and not Ariel, so here are a couple of pictures of Ariel in her favourite places:

Onto school-related matters, we have not been sitting down and doing our morning planning. We must. They are unfocused and not moving towards reasonable work. Especially the 15yo. (Well, she's doing more than her brother, but that's not what I mean.) She's got a ton of work to do and she's slipping into the, "I don't really feel like it," mode. While she's doing fairly well at following her schedule, she's just kind of floating through it. She needs more direction to her days and her weeks. The best way is for her to determine how much she should get done, especially in terms of thinking of her deadlines. The way her math is going, she's going to take a year and a half to finish a one-semester course!!

And I'm thinking of moving our morning silent reading to another time. It's just not working. I think if we did our planning and moved straight into work, things will flow better. I think we'll go back to silent reading after lunch. Or perhaps make it what I had planned on making it but our crazy schedule lately has not allowed it: Reading/Writing time after lunch.

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