Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nobody Told Me!

It was apparently music day today and nobody warned me!

The 12yo bought himself a ukulele yesterday and brought it today. That inspired dd to play the piano for a bit and then to play my guitar later on (although, she only goofs around on the guitar--her hands are really too small still to do anything with it). This led to the lap harp being played and eventually, to a small band: dd on the lap harp, the 12yo on his ukulele, ds on the guitar and the 15yo at the piano. The 15yo doesn't really play piano so she was making up all kinds of crazy stuff and 'singing' to it. I've got a little bit on video, but not enough. It was too funny, though!

Inspired by them, I pulled out my flute and played a couple of songs for my niece. I haven't played in so long, my facial muscles got tired almost immediately!

The 15yo and I finished watching the BBC version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I really don't ever want to watch it again. It was not at all what I envisioned when reading the play! Far too serious and a fairly dark set. The play within the play put on by Bottom et al. is wonderful, but... I've requested the Hollywood version so that the 15yo can see how the same play can be interpreted in more than one way.

Oh, ds is strumming away in the background. No attempt at notes just strum-strum-strum to a particular rhythm. He has not done any language arts or math today, but he spent a long time working with his K'Nex and Lego. I see that as the equivalent of the Alberta Program of Studies "Building Things". :D

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