Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day Done

I should have anticipated the total goofiness of all the kids and the hyperactivity of the 12yo. But I didn't. It still went fine. I went over coursework with the 15yo, we ran some errands, went to the Not Back to School Picnic and that was our day.

Tomorrow, we'll get started with our little morning routine: meeting and silent reading, maybe start a read-aloud on my part. Then we've got some more errands to run and then in the afternoon, work on shirts we bought in June--we have some fabric glue and want to make 'school shirts'. The oldest has always loved the idea of a uniform, even for school with me. She's so much like me it's scary (I, too, as a kid, loved the idea of wearing a uniform). lol. However, I was never quite as goofy crazy as she is. I had to become an adult before being able to be truly goofy. :D And even then, what's goofy for me is fairly tame for others. lol.

So, it's a gentle start to the week. I've got to find some way to reach the 12yo so he calms down. I'm quite convinced the hyperactivity is the result of different feelings about the start of the school year and being with my kids again, but he's so out of touch with his feelings and doesn't know what to do with them so he acts up. Oooh, maybe I should get started on "Building Moral Intelligence" tomorrow. The first unit is all about feelings.

The commercial is over. Time for me to go back and watch a brand new episode of House. :D

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