Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I looked at a calendar this evening and realized that September is half done.


Half done?

I've got one going for high school credits and wanting to have certain courses completed before the end of January and another who has a lot of catching up to do and we've barely done anything!!!

Mild panic set in, but only for a minute. See, when I'm not tired (had two good nights of sleep in a row--that's almost a miracle!), I can think fairly quickly. I realized I've got to get things going no matter how difficult it may be for the kids to adjust. Kids in jr. high and high school are given almost no time to adjust. My dh is already giving a quiz or a test this Friday. We haven't even begun social studies or science. But we don't have our resources, either. I think mentally, because we haven't received our resources, the feeling has sort of been that we don't really need to get started. But we do. There's no time to waste for the two oldest. I'm not at all worried about my kids, but mine are a lot younger. I'm also not being paid to have them here!

So I've spent a couple of hours on the computer again, planning and prepping for tomorrow. The 15yo's got an assignment sheet for the next two days, summarized as follows:

French: do some phonics/spelling work, read a story I've selected and discuss, study avoir and être
Math: review her math journal from last year, work on division (something she's afraid of!)
English: read some sheets on Shakespeare and plays, write some notes on them, get started reading A Midsummer Night's Dream
Social studies: do the first assignment I've set up (focusing on the K of the KWL strategy: "What do I already Know about these topics?" (the W is "What do I Want to know?" and the L is afterwards, for "What Have I Learned?") )
Typing: do the first typing lesson

For the 12yo, I already had the week planned out on Sunday, but we skipped today and some things from other days. Basically, he'll be told he has to do LA (phonics/handwriting, read a story with me, start the questions that go with it, and silent reading), Math (two pages in his workbook) and French (a worksheet I have for him).

We have almost no time on Friday to do work due to plans. They'd better be prepared to work tomorrow!

I'm really wishing our resources would come...


Pam said... you are making me stress!!


They'll be here soon....right!?!

Daisy said...

Don't start stressing!!! I'm not stressing over my dd, who's grade 4, because there's just no need to. You will find that the grade 3 content you need to cover can be done sooooooooo quickly. Enjoy this little deschooling time with her. :)

I, however, have a grade 10 student who as an intensive amount of work to cover this semester, more than she's had to cover ever (particularly in the past 3 years), especially since she's going to be gone for weeks at a time during second semester for competitions, and an academically struggling 12yo to work at getting up to snuff in reading, writing AND math.

They're the only two I'm really worried about. Ds has only been doing about 30 minutes or so of stuff a day and dd has been doing her usual massive amounts of reading and a bit of math. I'm not the least bit worried. I know I'm not using the same stuff as you, but really, really, really, grade 3 is just not a huge deal. So relax. :D

Jane said...

Yes Pam relax lol! We don't do ANY curriculum lol and don't plan to...(well, they have math u see to use if they want to) but mine seem to be fine don't they????? lol! Remind yourself of why you are homeschooling...of what you want for your children.....

Daisy I hope your resources arrive soon.....that must be frustrating!

DianeC said...

Daisy, what typing program do you use? We have Timon & Pumba, but I think it's time to find another one.

Diane c.

Pam said...


(shhhh.....I am trying to relax here)