Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Soggy Hump Day

It's Wednesday. I wondered yesterday if it would be a Hump Day for us, like it was last year. Upon waking up to rain and cloudy skies and sinus problems for both me and the oldest (neither one of us reacts well to sudden weather changes), and her brother showing up all kind of cuddled into his new thick, warm hoodie, I decided to not even fight it. I continued reading a bit from Prince Caspian and that got the 12yo inspired to want to watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. So, we put that on and I knew some wouldn't last the whole movie, so I pulled out various games and puzzles, a wonderful rainy day activity. Ds actually stopped watching the movie half-way through (he'd watched it several times in August) and asked me to work with him in his subtraction book. Dd and the 12yo eventually started using Rush Hour and created their own races and puzzles with it. When the movie was over, the 15yo laid down with the National Geographic Kids and read and dd and the 12yo pulled out Mouse Trap to play.

The two oldest are gone for this afternoon. It's still rainy and crummy outside and everybody's kind of sluggish. (Well, they were. Ds seems to have 'woken up'.) People think 5 kids is a lot and that it'll be really noisy and all kinds of things. (That's because people are too used to public school settings with 5 kids all the same age!) It's been so quiet and everybody so calm today. Amazing how the weather has such an influence. I know I say that a lot, but I never noticed it as a child. It took one of my supervising teachers for my teaching practicum to point out how the kids' behaviour changed with the weather. Once I started to observe, I saw how right she was.

Tomorrow will be Thursday, naturally, and I plan on full steam ahead with their work. :D

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