Friday, May 28, 2010

Not sure there's any progress!!

Yesterday, everybody was super tired, which led certain children to severe crankiness. Man. I'm not sure any school work got done. Today, the 15yo got a bit done and dd immersed herself in friendship bracelets, discovering that we didn't have any embroidery thread, which prompted us to make a visit to Michaels this afternoon.

I slept over 8 hours last night. That is highly unusual for me (with a past average of 6.5-7 hours, even though I used to sleep 8.5 hours before I had kids!), although it's happening more often recently. In the past, when I would wake up early, I'd just stay up because I usually wasn't able to fall back asleep, although I'm not sure how determined I was to fall asleep. ;) The past couple of months, I've been getting myself back to sleep most days, which has been great, but Thursday morning wasn't one of those! I could have used even another 30 minutes!

Other than that, made another green smoothie this morning. Unfortunately, I used bananas that weren't ripe enough and dd asked to try it, despite the creepy colour. Dang, not the best first experience. I ended up having to throw it out because no matter how I adjusted it, I couldn't make it better. :( (I ought to be posting this perhaps on my new blog: Feel free to visit me over there!)

What else? Am in looking-back-at-the-year mode. I'm sure I have the same self-evaluations as I've had in the past. I could probably go to one of my posts a few years back and it'd be roughly what I'd say today. Hm. What does that mean? Am I focusing on the wrong things, or not getting my act together enough? Maybe a little of both. ;) I've also been trying to figure out resources and plans for next year.

Guess that's it for now!

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